Multinational industrial products manufacturer

A multinational manufacturer of industrial products had, with our assistance, identified several of its own sites which could accommodate a number of multi-MW scale wind turbines.  These would take its use of clean renewable energy up to a point where it would be in line with EU country targets.  With board approval for the strategy, we were set the task of producing detailed project-specific action plans to develop the sites to the point where they could be built.  These had to be agreed across a number of departments within the client’s organisation, and a series of workshops discussed all the issues involved.  These included how to deal with health and safety aspects of construction and operation on top tier COMAH sites.  We managed the entire process to produce a full set of budgets incorporating quotations from a range of suppliers who we knew had the relevant capability and experience.  Fully costed and ‘sense-checked’ Gantt charts were produced and a full team of seasoned professionals was assembled to work with suitable contracts.











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