Government policies

Over 100 countries and more than 40 US States now have policies promoting clean renewable energy.  Most are legal obligations.

A business considering the use of clean renewable energy is in tune with governments around the world.

Almost all major countries now have policies in place to promote the use of clean renewable energy.  These vary in their nature.  In many cases this is not a simple government subsidy, but rather a series of measures.  These may include accelerated tax allowances, carbon levy avoidance, and commonly a ‘green credit’ paid for by the electricity supply companies: the polluter pays being the key principle.  Creating government schemes to support fresh energy technology is not new of course.  Coal, oil, gas and nuclear power have all benefitted from a massive range of schemes over the years and decades.

By early 2011, at least 119 countries had some type of policy target or renewable support policy at the nationallevel, up from 55 countries in early 2005. There is also alarge diversity of policies in place at state/provincial and local levels. Developing countries, which now represent more than half of all countries with policy targets and half of all countries with renewable support policies, are playing an increasingly important role in advancing renewable energy.

As policies spread to more and more countries, the geography of renewable energy use is also changing. For example, commercial wind power existed in just a handful of countries in the 1990s but now exists in at least 83 countries. Solar PV capacity was added in more than 100 countries during 2010. Outside of Europe and the United States, developed countries like Australia, Canada, and Japan are experiencing gains and broader technology diversification, while (collectively) developing countries have more than half of global renewable power capacity.

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