Why the world’s largest companies are investing in renewable energy

A recent report, released by a global investor network, provides details of the targets, progress and motivation behind the coporate drive towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

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Our Clients

“Green Peninsula gave us exactly the breadth and depth of insight we needed to avoid risks and expand the use of clean solar energy”.

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How we do it

We set out clear and simple solutions from the outset and then use our experience and know-how to help their delivery.

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Clarity, strategy and action for a clean, low carbon future.

Green Peninsula helps large businesses to identify and develop their clean energy strategies, and then implement them.

21st century global business faces many challenges. Not least, how to make the shift towards low carbon, clean energy sources. Clean energy is now mainstream, and business needs clear, independent and focussed advice on what to do about it.

From start to finish, Green Peninsula guides business in facing up to the clean energy challenge. We have a world-class reputation for delivering clear, independent strategic advice, implementing well-defined work programmes and delivering operational power projects.

Year on year more customers expect you to be acting on climate change initiatives, in line with the Kyoto Protocol. And they want to see authentic and transparent reporting of your clean energy and carbon reduction strategies and performance.

Not only is it vital to your reputation, but also it makes good business sense to participate in the low carbon economy and transform your organisation to be moreresource efficient and reduce carbon emissions. From environmental imperative, comes economic opportunity: Energy costs can be made less volatile. Clean energy investments can provide attractive returns. A number of strategies exist such as offtake agreements that allow access to clean energy without the use of capital if this is preferred. There are many ways for a business to improve itself.

New revenue opportunities can be used to: reduce energy costs; evaluate alternative supplies; build a portfolio of carbon assets; investing clean technology; develop a line of more efficient products; streamline your key processes; develop onsite embedded generation

The complexity of the renewables market and carbon legislation demands experts; clean energy professionals to demystify the opportunities for carbon reduction and profit, and to clarify the regulation and compliance risks. Not to mention the hands on skill to devise and implement your bespoke, clean energy action plan.

You benefit from a world class team of clean energy professionals who can help you understand the big picture and the pressing issues. We have international experience in explaining the practical implications of energy and climate change policy, in a global, regional and national context. We can clarify the issues faced by businesses trying to comply with these and other regulatory frameworks. The key frameworks we deal with on a regular basis are the Kyoto Protocol, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Joint Implementation (JI) and the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS).

Green Peninsula translates the big picture into pragmatic, business focussed options - and works with you to turn those into real proposals. We help evaluate the many options that face companies, and enable our clients to decide what will work best for them. We recognise that every company is unique; one size does not fit all, and we tailor make strategies that are right for you. Buying clean electricity, trading credits, developing projects on-site and off, and investing directly or not at all: these all need to be considered. Some of our clients have chosen to buy projects, at various stages of development including already operational. We assist throughout.

The Green Peninsula team has years of experience in developing, procuring and operating clean renewable energy projects. We use our experience to work with clients to focus on what works, what is sustainable and what has long-term profitability. Whether it be wind, solar, biomass or other clean energy technologies we know what it takes.

We get our hands dirty – we work with clients to help implement the action plan. To find out what we’ve done, look at our Case Studies or talk to us – We’re here to discuss what your company needs.

We don’t just understand clean energy technology – we live with it through operating plant and reporting back to clients and the wider world on what has been achieved.

Step-by-Step Approach Keeps You In Control

Delivering the benefits of clean energy to your business can be challenging. We find that most clients like to know that they can move forward in small steps, even if the overall programme is large and ambitious.


Case Studies

European water utility

A water utility in Europe wanted to understand what could be done to use its extensive property portfolio of over 1,000 sites to generate clean energy for its own consumption.

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