The lay of the land: we analyse clean energy markets, legislation and technologies for you.

Global and country markets and legislation have been changing massively over recent years.  This has been driven by the need to reduce carbon emissions and increase the use of clean renewable energy.  A wide range of measures have been implemented and there are big variations in approach across different regions and countries.  The challenge for any large company is – how to keep up, and thus how best to act.  We help strip away the jargon and bring the issues into clear focus.

Similarly, clean technologies have changed and developed significantly as the market has expanded.  What were regarded as risky products have become proven and are now mainstream.  Others have developed more slowly – some erratically – and are best avoided.  Our people have been in clean renewable energy for over 20 years, and have operated projects in a number of countries and environments.  We have the inside knowledge that cuts through hype, identifies safe solutions and brings security to decision makers.

In your countries of operation what are the benchmarks? Are there local, national targets that your company may wish to meet or exceed? What renewable technologies or trading options are available and suitable to the country of operation to meet your Companies needs?  Where are the major risks and what apparent risks may be worth taking through careful management?  Where is real economic value to be found and what are the short term fads?  Which companies and products should be on your shortlist and which should be avoided?

Green Peninsula helps tackle complex issues and brings clarity right at the start.  Where necessary we will also perform focused research to ensure that you have the right information to develop an informed strategy.  We have international ‘reach’ through our own experience and that of our long term partners.  We are used to working as part of a team alongside other corporate advisers.  We don’t pretend to know everything, but we do know how to clarify and demystify things so a sensible strategy can be created.

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