Corporate Responsibility: a growing consciousness

Countries have national targets for clean renewable energy. Any company that fails to mirror or exceed these is at risk of criticism. The public pressure has created ethical standards.

With country policies to encourage the use of clean renewable energy becoming the norm, an increasing number of large companies are aiming to keep in step.  If national targets exist, why would a company not adopt those targets as its own?  Or preferably exceed the targets to demonstrate a desire to be a force for good.
This can this be put into practice very effectively, and Green Peninsula helps simplify and demystify national policy and turn it into a strategy for clients.

For example in the EU each of the 27 nation states has a legally binding target for renewable energy set by the EU for the year 2020.  Progress is reviewed through a series of mandatory reports.  As examples of total energy consumption targets (electricity, transport, and heat combined) in Europe, the following are targets for the year 2020: Germany 18%; France 23%; UK 15%.

In the USA there is no national target, but individual states have progressively imposed their own on the incumbent utilities.  These are commonly known as ‘Renewables Portfolio Standards’ or RPS. For example: California wants 33% of its electricity to be from clean renewable energy by 2020; Pennsylvania wants 18% by then.

“Corporate responsibility is about ensuring that organisations manage their businesses to make a positive impact on society and the environment whilst maximising value for their shareholders.”
Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales.

We help you to understand what you can do to be, and be recognised to be, good corporate citizens across the countries that matter to you.

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