Authentic and transparent reporting of your clean energy and carbon reduction strategies and performance is vital to your brand.

Green Peninsula is used to working closely with communications teams to set the key messages for  the relevant target audiences, including company employees and customers; shareholders and analysts.  We are keenly aware of the need for transparency, authenticity and dialogue in your CSR reporting, sometimes in the face of public scepticism. We provide factual support for our clients’ messages, and can often provide insight into how best to manage the phrasing and delivery of those messages. As supporters of clean renewable energy we take great pleasure in teasing out good news stories and compelling facts for our clients to use.

However, of course we recognise that every brand has its own style, and its own way of going about things. Some of our clients simply want to keep quiet until they have reached a level of success that they believe is worth reporting. We are very aware of the importance of keeping information discrete, and take pride in our track record of being led by the changing needs of our clients.

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