Strategy in action: How will you meet your clean energy objectives?

During this step Green Peninsula works with you to set out a fully costed Action Plan to meet all or part of your strategy, including key tasks, budgets, timelines, milestones and resources. The management team and structure are set out, including the approval process to  include tracking tools and reporting methodology. A publicity policy can be set out to manage brand issues.  Some clients like to keep their plans discrete, others see publicity as a positive benefit at all stages.

The Action Plan is tailored to your Company needs.  It naturally flows from the strategy that has been approved.  Where Green Peninsula provides major support is in the practical aspects: advising on realistic costs; helping in choice of suppliers; setting realistic timelines; helping avoid unrealistic goals; bolstering staffing levels with experienced people if necessary.We are used to working as part of a team, commonly with other corporate advisers in areas such as tax. Green Peninsula helps you with insight, facts, figures and experience, but you stay in control at all times. When requested, we take the lead on all aspects of planning, providing regular updates as projects progress.

The net result of our involvement should be a plan that is realistic, achievable, thoroughly researched, and based on hard-nosed reality checks from previous experience.

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