How fit for the future is your business? Set clean energy objectives, considering all the options.

Green Peninsula works with you to identify your renewable, carbon and business objectives and weigh up their benefits to help you choose the route that’s best for you. This is developed through combining the earlier research with facts about your company’s operations and aspirations. What are the heat, transport and electricity demands and where are they concentrated? Which countries? Is your property in a rural, industrial or built environment?  Are there opportunities alongside your property holdings?  Is capital investment desirable, or is it to be minimised?

Green Peninsula helps develop one or several potential renewable energy and/or carbon reduction strategies to meet your objectives. A key part is to understand the potential benefits and risks to your brand for each strategy. This is often assessed through SWOT analysis and risk assessment.

The strategy options can also be compared to initiatives by your competitors in order to tease out potential competitive advantages.Comparing the economics of each option will naturally be a priority.

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