Bringing strategy and planning to life; delivering the Action Plan.

Green Peninsula helps to manage the implementation of the Action Plan. For some clients implementation may include on-site or off-site development of clean generation capacity, giving a sound return on investment and hedging electricity and/or carbon prices.

For others implementation may include purchase of developed and or/constructed clean generation assets. Others may choose to develop projects and get a third party to finance them.  Trading and purchasing green tickets may also need to be accomplished.

Whatever course our clients choose, we help you by bringing insight, speed and energy to achieve the goals set out. We have often assisted in procurement of equipment, and indeed commonly lead this aspect. We have a well established reputation with equipment manufacturers, having been a purchaser over many years in different countries.  We help you understand how best to work with manufacturers to cut delays, build protection, and manage costs.

Construction management is also an area in which we are commonly asked to advise, or indeed manage completely.  In addition to our own resources we have well established links with trusted partners so that multi-site or multi-national projects can be comprehensively managed.  Finally, Green Peninsula is very experienced at setting up and running operations management for generation plant.

Companies who are making a start on clean energy and carbon reduction warmly welcome our down-to-earth approach, rooted firmly in experience .

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